“Give wings to your Imagination; develop a Mobile app with us”

Our App Developers have expertise in developing apps for iPhone & Android. We are dedicated to provide development services at its best and proud to have a huge base of offshore client with some of the top brands. .

Your Own App

Your mobile application, with your name and business data, not a third party application that just mentions you. This is often not a generic solution! Everything is customized for you. Your requirements. Your thoughts. Your features. All designed for your business needs.

Your App can work on ALL Mobile devices like iPhone, Andriod, iPad and also available in both the Apple iTunes and Google Play App Stores.

It’s Simple! We have a tendency to handle all the technical developments includes creation, service, maintenance, updates and support. You can simply focus on your business.

Mobile App Developments

M-Commerce Apps - Get your E-commerce store into an M-commerce App. Easily Build and Manage your M-commerce Store

Social App - We are expertise in social media application development and have strategically developed a good variety of social media web & Mobile applications for our clients.

Enterprise Apps - We help organizations launch great Web and Mobile apps by transforming the business thoughts into the real world.

Geo Location Apps - Location based Apps and GPS Technology are the driver for new innovation

Productivity and Utility Apps - We design best utility & productivity mobile apps to make your hectic life a little bit easier, and maybe even more enjoyable.

Mobile App for Restaurants :

With domain experience in Mobile Apps, we have built Apps to address all the needs and necessities of a Restaurant Business. The software has been developed on the latest technologies.


  • Reinforce your brand: This means that when the consumer thinks of a product or service, your business will be the first they recall.
  • Increase your visibility: By doing this you are more likely to reach your consumers.
  • Increase your accessibility: For example sending a discount notification, which creates a visit to your app and results in a purchase, all just in a matter of minutes.
  • Increase Profits: mobile devices now account for 60 percent of online orders .
  • Cultivate customer loyalty: Mobile apps allow business to have a lot of direct and instant reference to their consumers.
  • Connect on the go customers: Connect on the go customers, they always have their Smartphone with them.
  • Augment on-line sales: Augment enhances the visual impact of your presentations and helps to increase your sales.
  • Provide More Value to Your Customers: Business is all about response. You offer a item, the market opens their wallets with their demand .
  • Connect directly with Customers.
  • Your customers can.
  • Easily access to your menu items .
  • Get notifications of special events, launches, discounts, offers etc .
  • Make fast, seamless appointment scheduling .
  • One-touch access to your contact information .

Other than these modules, the software has a lot of features setting to make it work for business. Audit logs, security features etc make it a secure application, with track of all transactions/changes. The reports and print outputs are also very flexible and customizable. There are other optional modules like SMS module etc. too.

Mobile Order Online

Place ordering power in your customer’s hands to increase revenue .

  • CUSTOMIZABLE LAYOUT - Easily modify the Restaurant Mobile Ordering App according to your restaurant’s theme and logo.
  • REAL TIME MENU - All changes made in the restaurant’s app menu are reflected automatically in the App..
  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS - Send your customers instant Push Notifications on their mobile for maximum engagement..
  • CUSTOMER PROFILES -Let your customers save their personal details. Users can manage their profiles and save multiple addresses for ease in placing Delivery Orders.
  • ADVANCE ORDERS -- Let your customers place their orders in advance through your Mobile App. The restaurant gets notified instantly and the order is accepted at the POS..
  • Restaurant Billing (POS)

    Table ordering APP - Let your Waiters accept customer orders at their table through the Server App. The orders get automatically accepted at the POS, thus reducing delays.

    • TABLET BILLING - Delight your customers by giving them the option of place their orders themselves through a Tablet. Eliminate the scope of errors in order taking by letting your customers take charge!
    • FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT - Show your customers that you care by asking for their feedback through App. Set instant alerts for poor reviews so that you can take immediate actions to pacify an unhappy customer.
    • ONLINE TABLE RESERVATION- Give your customers the luxury of reserving their table online beforehand. Customers can view the tables available and then choose the table of their choice even before they actually visit your restaurant
    • SPLIT BILLING - Give your customers the option to split their bill as they like. Split the food and drinks bill or split a large bill into multiple smaller ones for guests who don’t want to burn a hole in a single pocket
    • CENTRAL KITCHEN MANAGEMENT - Provide consistent high standards of taste and quality to your customers with our App. Keep a track of the stock requirements of multiple outlets, and manage them centrally from one place

    Delivery App

  • DELIVERY ORDERS - View the checked-in Delivery Boys available for delivering orders, and assign them based on their availability and proximity..
  • REAL-TIME TRACKING - View the real-time location of the Delivery Boys through GPS tracking. Track the journey of your Delivery Boy at the POS..
  • DELIVERY BOYS - Find out when the Delivery Boy accepted, picked up, and delivered the order.
  • PERFORMANCE - Track the performance of each rider on the basis of average time taken for each order, the number of orders delivered, etc.

  • Business App :

    • DETAILED DATA REPRESENTATION - For your easier understanding and analysis, data is available on the basis of hourly sales, service type sales, and item wise sales on the restaurant mobile analytic app..
    • TOTAL BILL - The App helps you keep a track of your business by showing the total number of bills generated for the day by your restaurants. Restaurant mobile analytic gives individual billing details for each outlet, as well the total billing of all the outlets all at one place..
    • TOTAL SALE DETAILS - Restaurant Mobile Analytic app allows you to view the sales details of your outlets. The entire sales data is available for your perusal, and can be viewed on the basis of day, week, month, or annual. You can view the net sales, gross sales, the total number of bills generated, and thus the average amount spent by the customer on each order. This gives you an insight into how much an average customer spends on each visit..
    • LIVE OUTLET COUNT - When you’re running long-chain restaurants or multiple food outlets, you cannot be physically present at each outlet. Therefore keeping a track of the number of restaurants open can become difficult. With App’s live count feature, you can know how many restaurants are open and serving guests at any particular time and helps you keep track of the ongoing business..
    • ITEMS SOLD COUNT - You can keep an eye on the inventory as well as the business being done at your restaurant with the help of App. Restaurant mobile analytic app is powerfully integrated with the POS which gives the total number of total items that have been sold in that day. This helps you keep a check on on-counter thefts as well, as any variance between the items sold, and the inventory of your kitchen is easily detected..

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